power system anaylsis
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power system anaylsis

Power System Analysis

U.S.E. completes analysis of our clients electrical infrastructure through various software platforms depending on the clients ongoing requirements. Our ability to understand the fundamental aspects of modelling electrical networks and the outcomes of the analysis provide our clients with a trustworthy service.

U.S.E. participates in data gathering and verifies our modelling inputs providing a power system model that mimics the actual installation limiting the amount of assumptions made, this provides our clients with an approach that is above industry standard.

Short circuit studies, load flow studies, harmonic analysis, transient studies, earthing studies, equipment sizing and protection studies can be completed by U.S.E. using its standard reporting for related utility and Australia Standards compliance. Our deliverables can be tailored to suit our client requirements.

power systems analysis unique spark

Protection Coordination Studies can be completed using Power System Analysis software or utilising U.S.E. diverse excel modelling of various protection devices/relays. U.S.E. determines network limitations for short circuit withstand, thermal overload, voltage regulation/utilisation, harmonic and flicker emissions, step, touch and transfer potentials for earthing faults. Ultimately U.S.E. determines compliance with various related utility and Australian standards and Guidelines and provides recommendations for solutions when compliance cannot be obtained using existing design/infrastructure.

power system analysis software

U.S.E. has project experience in the following Power System Analysis software:

– SKM PowerTools for Windows



– Paladin DesignBase (EDSA)

– PowerCAD

U.S.E. has project experience in the following Earthing Software:

– Paladin DesignBase (EDSA)

– Ground Grid Design

– ENA Argon

– SKM GroundMat

Electrical Design Services

electrical design services unique spark engineering

Developing electrical designs tailored to achieve solutions from conceptual to detailed projects. Unique Spark Engineering (U.S.E.) delivers electrical designs from small scale pump stations to large high voltage pump stations, distribution networks, 33/11 kV Substations, Motor Control Centres and Main Switchboards.

Arc Flash Assessment & Mitigation

arc flash unique spark engineering

Assessing your electrical infrastructure for arc flash hazards is becoming an industry standard and insurance companies continue to mandate completion of an arc flash assessment. U.S.E. delivers leading real world arc flash hazard assessments providing a risk based approach to any solutions, a core focus on minimisation of any required electrical works and easy to use control measures.

Power System Analysis

power system analysis unique spark engineering

Our personnel have expertise and extensive experience in performing analysis on existing or proposed electrical systems. U.S.E. focuses on identification of electrical infrastructure limitations with options and recommendations for rectification of these limitations.

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