arc flash assessment
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Arc Flash Assessment and Mitigation
arc flash assessment
arc flash assessment
Unique Spark
Arc Flash Assessment and Mitigation
arc flash assessment
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Arc Flash Assessment and Mitigation

Providing a safe environment surrounding electrical infrastructure is mandatory as stated in various Acts, Regulations, Standards and Codes. During an electrical fault, shock hazards are present and the energy released can cause an Arc Flash. Management of electrical shock hazards is a fundamental principal of electrical safety, however the arc flash can result in electrical burns, flying debris and toxic gas hazards. Management of the arc flash hazard is not directly covered as an essential principal of electrical safety with awareness covered only.

arc flash unique spark
arc flash modeling unique spark

U.S.E. performs a review of your existing or proposed electrical infrastructure for Arc Flash hazards focusing on adopting control measures only when necessary with the inclusion of the assessment of ‘Do Nothing’.

U.S.E completes power system modelling of your electrical infrastructure with accurate and verified data entry including cables, transformers, protection devices, protection settings and operating clearance times. Using industry standard IEEE1584 calculations determining the potential arc flash incident energy,  U.S.E. provides verification of these calculations and determines the arc flash hazard including defining exclusion zones for the various operating and maintaining states. Using our real world experience, we review control measures (Elimination, Administration, Engineering, PPE) and adapt the control measures to enable our client to continue to operate the infrastructure as originally intended.

We can design and through our partnerships arrange the implementation of mitigating control measures such as:

– Revision of Protection device settings

– Revision of Fuse Sizes

– Installation of Arc Fault Detection Devices

– Shunt Trip or Undervoltage Trips of existing devices

– Installation of Differential Protection Schemes

– Replacement of upstream protection devices

– Establishment or revision of PPE requirements based on NFPA70E and AS4836.

arc flash mitigation

Electrical Design Services

electrical design services unique spark engineering

Developing electrical designs tailored to achieve solutions from conceptual to detailed projects. Unique Spark Engineering (U.S.E.) delivers electrical designs from small scale pump stations to large high voltage pump stations, distribution networks, 33/11 kV Substations, Motor Control Centres and Main Switchboards.

Arc Flash Assessment & Mitigation

arc flash unique spark engineering

Assessing your electrical infrastructure for arc flash hazards is becoming an industry standard and insurance companies continue to mandate completion of an arc flash assessment. U.S.E. delivers leading real world arc flash hazard assessments providing a risk based approach to any solutions, a core focus on minimisation of any required electrical works and easy to use control measures.

Power System Analysis

power system analysis unique spark engineering

Our personnel have expertise and extensive experience in performing analysis on existing or proposed electrical systems. U.S.E. focuses on identification of electrical infrastructure limitations with options and recommendations for rectification of these limitations.

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